2010 Honoree: Jenny Atkinson

Breast cancer "thriver" Jenny Atkinson with her log-rolling protege, Jessic Berg-Collman, who raised over $10,000 in honor of her mentor.

36-year-old Jenny was diagnosed with breast cancer in December. Since then, Jenny has been facing off with this disease head-on. In her own words from her Caring Bridge website, Jenny says about being diagnosed with breast cancer:

“I figured they would tell me it was from nursing and the lump will go  away when I was finished.  After all,  I  am  very  healthy,  36  years  old, and have no family history of  breast  cancer.   I  don’t  do  anything  on  the “avoid” list and I do everything on the “good for  you  list”  so  I  wasn’t worried at all.  The doctor told me she  was  certain  it  was  benign,  not to think about it, have a great trip, and get a mammogram when I got  back. I wanted the journey to end, but  little  did  I  know  it  was  truly  just beginning”.

Jenny, from all of us at Mush for a Cure, how you are tackling this disease is inspiring and we are honored to have you and your family with us this year.

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