2011 Honoree: Binner Rahn


Survivor, musher, paddler...Mush for a Cure's 2011 Honoree, Binner Rahn

Breast Cancer Survivor, Binner Rahn of Duluth, is a recreational dog sledder and a member of the Wiki Wiki Wahine Dragon Boat Team. Survivor, dog musher AND a paddler? Who could be more perfect to be Mush for a Cure’s 2011 Honoree. Here, in her own words, is Binner’s story:

My Story… well, I went in Xmas of 2006 for a Breast reduction. A couple days later, I went in for a follow-up to get tubes removed and my plastic surgeon told me they found cancer…. I had had a mammogram , but it did not show up. If my Doc had not taken out that tumor in the tissue he removed, I would have had to wait a year before you can have another mammogram and who knows if I would be here. It was a small but aggressive tumor and there was no machine on the planet that could have scanned me to tell if there was more… so 11 days later, I was back in surgery, had a Dbl Mastectomy and 20 lymph nodes removed in my right arm. No more cancer was found and my nodes were clear. :-) I’ve had reconstructive surgery and although there are no follow-up or yearly tests for me to take, I just know I am still ok. Besides, my Great niece was born the day I got Diagnosed and her name is Hope. ;-) “That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it”!

Binner, we are so glad you’re here too! Your story and positive attitude on your story is nothing but inspirational. (I’ve heard Binner refer to it as CANcer). WE are honored to have you join us this year!

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  1. Donna Lee Beaupre says:

    That’s our Binner! Feisty and always smiling! Go Bin