2010 Sled Teams

1. Jessica Berg-Collman
Hot Dawg Kennel
Grand Marais, MN

Hi!  I’m Jessica Berg-Collman, age 13, This will be my 3rd year running Mush For A Cure.  This year I will be running for Jenny Atkinson.  My mentor, logrolling coach, and an 8 time world Champion logroller and boom runner.  Jenny was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and is undergoing treatment.  This one’s for you Jenny!!!

2. Pam Landers
Sylvan Kennel
Nisswa, MN

Pam, a 14-year breast cancer survivor,  has been training, raising and showing Samoyeds since 1983 but didn’t start sledding with them until 1999. While she and her dogs don’t race, she say this is something she and her dogs can do to help find a cure.

 3. Karen DeBoise
Whirlwind Khaos Kennel
Beach Park, IL

This will be Karen’s second Mush For a Cure. Welcome back Karen!


4. Nancy Lang
SnowyRidge Kennel
Grand Marais, MN

Originally Nancy’s son, Jason Fries, was signed up to do the run this year, but Nancy says: “Looks like old Mom will have to run her own team. Unfortunately,   Jason won’t be able to make it up this year due to school   obligations. Such is the life of a college senior. So I’ll be back on   the runners for my second MFAC. My team & I are running in honor my   friend Sarah Smith, and in memory of my friend Maureen Showalter”.

 5. Mary Manning
Doodledog Kennel
Hovland, MN

This will be Mary’s FOURTH Mush For a Cure…Mary was one of three women that ran the inagural Mush For a Cure in 2007. Last year Mary and her team won the Best Dressed award as Mary AND her dogs were decked out in pink tutus. Mary says “I run in this and that and I am running in memory of my little sister, Christine”.

6. Don Deckert
Tundra Star Siberians
Albertville, MN

Don’s bio is pretty succinct:  “9th year running dogs and 3rd year running for Mush For a Cure.” While his bio this year is short and sweet, let this editor tell you that Don and his friends are usually a bit more colorful. Since Don hasn’t sent a photo of himself for this year yet, I’m going to steal a picture from his Facebook Page…real men wear pink Crocs! Welcome back Don, I don’t think we’d have nearly as much fun without you!

 7. Rainer Ropers
Rustic Husky Haven
Lake Zurich, IL

Rainer and his wife, Cynthia (who ran last year) have an all rescue team. Rainer has run in the White Oak race the last three years and the Sweetwater Challenge the last two. Rustic Husky Haven Kennel is back to raise funds for a worthy cause.

8. Ricq Pattay
DiamondDrift Samoyeds
Dayton, MN

Rick started running Samoyeds in 2002 and began entering sprint races in 2006. Last year they tried mid-distance for the first time at the White Oak Sled Dog Classic as well as Mush For a Cure. He says “we’re excited to be returning to MFAC this year and hope we can contribute to this wonderful cause. Besides, where else could we embrace our inner pink?” Love it Rick!

9. Stoffel Reitsma
Sumac Siberian Huskies
Big Lake, MN

Stoffel who is a self-proclaimed “recreational racer” will be running his  3rd Mush For a Cure. He says “my friends make me come because I have the dogs”. Stoffel,we’re glad you have the dogs so Melissa can run again this year too!

10. Melissa Bloom
Running a team from Sumac Siberian Huskies
East Bethel, MN

Melissa says “This is my 3rd Mush For a Cure. I have also participated in the White Oak Classic Race and I’m mainly a recreational musher who runs mostly Siberians from the Sumac Kennel. I have found this event to be a wonderful way to raise money for cancer research.”  Melissa received the Red Lantern Award in 2008 and was happy to pass along the lantern to Karen last year. Welcome back Melissa and Sumac Sibes!

11. Chris Wall
Avadar Siberians
Albertville, MN

Chris says: “My wife is a SURVIVOR-13 years!!!!!! So I race in honor and memory of everyone affected by Breast Cancer! This will be my 3rd year running this GREAT RACE! I run with a couple of my own “Recreational” Dogs and some dogs from SUMAC Kennels of Big Lake, MN Thanks Sandy and Stoffel!!! This race is a BLAST, and I can’t wait to see if I can keep my crown in the Wildest Costume Contest. (actually Chris it’s the Most Outrageous Pink Outfit, but you are close enough :-) ). It’s amazing to see the people that come out for this race and I am honored to be able to run again this year!!!!” Chris, we are glad you are back and are looking forward to your outfit again too!

12. Janine Sajdak
Cudahy, WI

Janine says: “We are a three-dog sled team that wants to run distance. We go wherever we have the flexibility to run distance with a small team.” Sounds like every night for Janine is a “Three Dog Night”. :-) Welcome Janine!

13. Alexia LaPlante
Running Team Gordon 1
Duluth, MN

I’ve been a vet in the Duluth area for 14 years and have always been fascinated with sled dogs. I spent this winter watching my husband get totally addicted to this sport and handled for both my husband and Dave Gordon in the Beargrease mid-distance this year. Now it’s my turn to be on the sled!

1 4. Kieffer Olson
Team Gordon 2
Duluth, MN

I am a Senior in High School at Hermantown.  I have been taking care of Dave Gordon’s dogs on and off for a few years.  This year I was a handler for Dave Gordon and Dave Mills in the Beargrease Mid Distance.  The plan was that I was to run a team during the mid distance but unfortunately due to a shoulder injury I was unable to.  I am running the MFAC in memory of my Grandmother who died of breast cancer, and in support of my aunt, a breast cancer survivor and sister who is at risk for this horrible disease.  This will be my first event and one I will never forget.  Good Luck to all the teams.
15. and 16. Tim and Katie Chisholm
Bad Moon Rising Kennel
North Branch, MN
Tim has been running dogs for around 17 years and has done a few races: The Mid-Minnesota, Beargrease 150, Empire, Bayfield, Midnight Run, White Oak Classic (yea Tim, I guess you’ve done “a few”). He says that Mush For a Cure “sounds like a great cause and there’s good people up that way so why not”  Thanks we think :-) . This will be Katie’s first time ever on a sled and he says she’ll do great!  Hang on Katie…we hope you have fun!

17. Patty Lorandos
Brighton, MI

I want our dog sled team to have fun and be good citizens.  My teammates want to please me (until something distracts them from that desire), get as many belly rubs as possible, and sleep on the couch after a good day’s work.  To the extent that we achieve what I desire, I have Ann Stead and Jamie Nelson to thank for the training they offer in Mushing Boot Camp.  I also have Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to thank for bringing the Transcendental Meditation Program to the west because the practice of it keeps me balanced.  We run whenever possible at the Last Chance Retreat in Baldwin, MI with other Michigan Dog Drivers Association members and Mushing Boot Camp Survivors.  We have enjoyed running in the following events:  The White Oak Classic Sled Dog Race-40 mile, The Tahquamenon County Sled Dog Race-20 mile, The Sweetwater Challenges #1 and #2, The Jack Pine 30, The Wolf Track Classic Sled Dog Race-30 mile, The Shebandowan “Cabin Fever” Race, and the Eton Rugby Festival Race.

18. Marsha Tomazin
Togo, MN

Marsha has competed in the White Oak 18-mile race and she says she is coming for fun and to go somewhere different. She have been mushing for 12-13 years and “loves dogs”. Welcome to MFAC Marsha

19. Dave Lundberg
Little Mountain Siberians
Monticello, MN

This will be Dave’s second Mush For a Cure and he says “I would like to first thank the organizers for once again putting on this event as I have been hoping to get a chance to be part of it.  Most everyone has been touched in some way by someone with breast cancer and when you are, you always wish there was something more you could do…this is one way.  Now, I realize this is not suppose to be a race but I have to tell you that I do like my chances against a bunch of pink-clad, squirrel chasers”.

20. Mary Beth Kolb
Frozen Tundra Siberians
Lake Villa, IL

Last year was Mary Beth’s first MFAC and she ran in support of a good friend that had been recently diagnosed with breast cancer.This year she is hoping to bring her friend along on the trail to have her experience this “great event” (Mary Beth’s words). Thanks Mary Beth!


21. Alice White
Running a Team from
Manitou Crossing Kennel
Armuchee, GA

Alice is a former dryland musher from Georgia and is spending her second winter in Minnesota where she works for Blake and Jennifer Freking (Finland, MN). She has run the Beargrease 150 the last two years as well as the Wolf Track Classic. Alice says: “I have wanted to run Mush For a Cure since I attended as a spectator last year and saw how much fun everyone was having while supporting an important cause”. Welcome Alice…we hope you have fun!

22. Carol King
Frost Ridge Racing Huskies
Hinckley, MN

Bio coming soon….or so Carol says. Carol,along with Mary Manning are the only people that this will be her 4th Mush For a Cure. Carol, Mary and Mary Black ran (and Chel Ethun got pledges but couldn’t run) the inaugural event in 2007, dubbed “Slush for a Cure”  as it was warm and not much snow. Carol this event wouldn’t be the same without you!

23. Adam Treeful
Grand Marais, MN

Adam says: “A few years back I gave tour/rides at Gunflint Lodge for three seasons and started giving a few this year again too. Back in the mid-late 90′s, I was a volunteer every year for the UP 200. Last year I ran in the skijor for Mush For a Cure with my 10-month-old pup but this year I thought I’d add some diversity to the sled teams and enter the sled class with my muttly looking crew of a team made up of two pure-bred hunting dogs, two shepherd/husky mixes and four fat Alaskans (huskies that is). They might look funny, but boy do they run good together and have fun doing it.” Well Adam..that’s what it’s all about! Welcome to the “sled side”.

24. Tara McGovern
Running a Team from
Black Magic Kennels
Eagan/Off The Beaten Path, MN

I am a very happy handler for Mark and Mary Black of Black Magic Kennels. This is my first year running dogs and will be my first year running Mush for a Cure! I am so thankful that I can get out with some of my best dog friends and do what we do best for a great cause!

25. Janet Martens
Brule, WI

Janet is an 8-dog recreational kennel owner and is anxious to pass along the DORK award. For those of you that don’t know, this travelling award is passed on each year to the person who has the biggest blunder while on the trail. Last year poor Janet biffed it just after pulling her snow hook and was being drug across the lake…pink fairy wings and all!  Janet says: ‘Janet is happy to be joining her sled dogs in this years mush for a cure in honor of her cousin, Kelly, who is fighting metastatic breast cancer.  There are 5 other women in Janets family that have had breast cancer.  She hopes this event will be a step toward a cure for Kelly’.

26. Nelson Stetson
Epic Adventures
Duluth, MN

Bio coming soon….

27. Nancy Moundalexis
Running a team from Epic Adventures
Ely, MN

Bio coming soon…

28. Matt Groth
Oomingmak Kennels
Grand Marais, MN

Matt says: “I’ve been racing for six years and I have 12 active racers in the kennel (think he means four-legged racers…) pursuing the Beargrease Marathon. I’m coming back because it’s a great way to raise money for a great cause.” Thanks Matt…we’re glad you’re back!

29. Jerry Sivets
Grand Marais, MN

We’re running as a way to celebrate and remember those we know who have been affected by breast cancer and as a way to have fun doing it. Over the years we’ve lost friends and relatives and acquaintances to this disease and we are pleased to be able to contribute a little to hopefully keep others from having to be so affected.

30. Dayna Gallagher
Irish Creek Kennels
Hovland, MN

Dayna says: “We are a small “just for fun” kennel and we offer tours occasionally. Our dogs (and us as well) don’t leave Hovland much for for them this will be like a bunch of country bumpkins going to New York City. Though this disease has not affected my or my family, I care deeply about this cause and am happy to help in any way. Oh, not to mention that it will be a world of fun as well! Happy Trails!”

31. Kelly Cusick
Team #3 of Team Gordon
Duluth, MN

Kelly has handled for the Beargrease several times and has run dogs since she was 10 yrs. old. She is now an 11th grader at Duluth East. She is running in MFAC in memory of her grandmother, Joyce Cusick who had breast cancer and is honoring her grandmother Lorna Martin who is currently being treated for breast cancer. She also loves horses and has been in the horse cutting circuit for the last two years. Welcome Kelly.

32. Donna Jankowski
Frozen Tundra Siberians
Lake Villa, IL

“I’ve always been the handler and this year I have a team. We’ve participated in both Sweet Water Challenges in Baldwin, MI this year. I’m running in honor of my sister Sue who passed from pancreatic cancer in March 2008./ She enjoyed learning about sledding and looking at the pictures and videos I took at the races. Last year I had such a great time at MFAC, I had to come back for more.”

33. Frank Moe
Moetown Kennels
Hovland, MN

Frank says: “We’ve raced for a few years including the Beargrease Marathon and UP200 this year. We’re looking forward to running some puppies on a beautiful trail for a good cause.”

34. Kayla Borntrager
Elk River, MN

I have been in a few sprint races (4). I got first place earlier this year (Ham Lake Sport Sled) with my 4 dogs Trigger, Tanner, Nala and Stymie. This will be my 1st Mush For a Cure, I’m 12 years old and I LOVE Sleddogs! I currently have 15 dogs that I take care of, 12 racing or retired Alaskan Huskies a Border Collie, an Alaskan Husky pup and Yoshi.

35. Brian Borntrager
Elk River, MN

I got into the whole dogsled thing because of my daughter, now I’ve got a couple sprint races under my belt as well. Stoffel and Chris talked Kayla and I into running MFAC, my sister Bernie in law is a Breast Cancer survivor so we run for her. Thank you for making this happen.

36. Neil Rasmusen
Grand Marais, MN

Neil says; “I miss my co-worker Julie Mantor, sled dog enthusiast. Way too young to have breast cancer.

37. Betsy Moss Jorgenson
Grand Marais, MN

After taking a year off from MFAC, Betsy is back for the 2010 event. Betsy is a school teacher at Sawtooth Mountain Elementary in Grand Marais.

38. Ruth Bloomquist-
Cottage Gait Kennel
Forest Lake, MN

Ruth is the owner of a small recreational team of retired Beargresae finishers. She hasn’t run any formal races…she just enjoys the scenery! She has been a handler for Linda Hart of the Beargrease and other races since 1994. Unfortunately Ruth called and is unable to run with us this year, Dr.’s orders. Sorry Ruth! She may try to still come up and will be at least forwarding her pledges. We hope to see you Ruth!

39. Jenny Beall
2Brok2Run Kennel
Blanchard, OK

Jenny is the returning “Highest Dollar Amount of Pledges” champion from last year. This year’s race will have a bit more significance for Jenny as she says: “I’m excited to come and participate  especially in support of my sister-in-law who is currently battling breast cancer. Also in big support of my mother, mother-in-law and aunt and other friends who are survivors”. Welcome back Jenny! (No, that is not a typo…Jenny IS from OKLAHOMA).

40. Ali Hallaway
Running a team from Epic Adventures
Blanchard, OK

Ali will be running a team from John Stetson’s kennel and is very excited to participate in Mush For a Cure as this will be her first time running a race and her mother is a breast cancer survivor. Welcome Ali!

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