2010 Skijor Teams

1. Mark Luttinen
Roseville, MN

Mark says “I have no idea what I am doing, but I’ve trained my hunting dogs to pull and have picked up a nice pre-trained sled dog. I’ve handled for Black Magic Kennels in a couple of races (editor’s note…he’s great!). I just love to train and work with dogs and am getting dangerously intrigued with running my own dogs for however long they are happy to run. I’ve had a couple family members die of cancer and love the idea of supporting any effort to help find a cure.

2. Faith Shariff
Champlin, MN

Faith started skijoring last winter and participated in the City of Lakes Loppet and the Ham Lake Snow Bowl. She also participated in Mush For a Cure and had a great taime. Faith and her husband, Paul decided back then that they would be coming back this year for more fun! She says “this is a great way to get exercise for yourself and the dogs as well as getting outside. Not to mention raising money for a good cause and making new friends.”  Welcome back Faith!

3. Jim Benson
Gold Rush Racing
Blaine, MN

Jim says “I have been around for a while so I might be considered (among other things) a musher, a sledder, a skijorer, a handler, a trainer, an event coordinator and in general a dog-powered sports enthusiast and an opinionated ol’ curmudgeon. At any rate, cancer sucks, so we’re out to have a fun run for a good cause, as Ricq (Pattay…sled participant) says ‘its a win-win situation’. Please support one of us or Mush For a Cure in general”. Well said Jim (and Ricq).

4. Gerilynne Heston
Grand Marais, MN

This will be Gerilynne and her dog, Medora’s, first race and Gerilynne loves skijoring. Gerilynne and Medora live in Colvill with their man Donn and their chickens, goats, horses and cat. Gerilynne says: “I am a breast cancer survivor and am looking forward to helping support the cause that cured me!” Welcome Gerilynne and Medora!

5. Julie Collman
Hot Dawg Kennel
Grand Marais, MN

I am Musher Jessica’s mom, and am looking forward to another fun filled Mush For A Cure!  I will miss being on the runners of a sled team this year, but am happy to be able to participate in the skijor event.  I have been overwhelmed by all the support Jess has received this year and like Jess, will be skiing in honor of Jenny Atkinson.  You are truly amazing Jenny, an inspiration to us all!!!

6. Lenore Collman
Cromwell, MN

My name is Lenore Collman, age 15.  Jessica Collman, my cousin, is participating in the Mush and I will be participating in the Skijor event with one of her dogs.  I am skijoring in honor of my best friend’s grandmother, Kay Kytola.  Kay has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  Kay Kytola is one of the toughest and most gracious people I know. She brought my friend and I to her cabin in Canada for a week!  I am proud to skijor in her honor in the 4th annual Mush For A Cure!

7. Scott Dahlquist
Virginia, MN

Bio coming soon…

8. Susan Hoppe
Virginia, MN

Bio coming soon…

9. Jodie Hirsch
Apple Valley, MN

Jodie says: “I enjoy skijoring and this is for a good cause. I have raced our 9-year-old lab Radar in the City of Lakes Loppet twice and Ham Lake Snowbowl once. For this event I will be skijoring with our 9-month-old lab Trek…should be interesting…and fun!”

10. Diane Skinner
Bloomington, MN

Diane says: “I just started skijoring recently. I knew my dog loved to run and I was quite certain that pulling would be right up his alley. We have been out a handful of time, having a blast and tired one local 5K skijor race. I am excited to be joining the skijoring wrold and an event such as Mush For a Cure. I have a number of friends that have been impacted directly and indirectly by breast cancer and it is a tough road. I’m looking forward to helping a great cause!”

11. Joe Fessler
Hamel, MN

Joe says: “I’ve been skijoring for 4 years now and each winter season has brough new lessons learned and new excitement for the sport. This is our second year attending MFAC and we are excited to be coming back for what is sure to be a fun-filled adventure. I will be skiing with my three Siberian Huskies: Aiya, Brr! and Lupie as well as a friend’s husky-greyhound cross. Rolo”. Welcome back Joe!

12. Rebecca Wiinanen
Grand Marais, MN

Fifteen years ago our husky McKenzie finagled me into skijoring. The new harness “encouraged” her to run with me, not the moose! It linked us in a magical bond as we marveled at the wildlife together for over a decade. On Saturday I’ll be with veteran sled dog Blue, hopefully on top of my skis.  Blue, of Hot Dawg Kennel, is strong, loveable, and ready to pull, thanks to mushers Julie Collman and Jess. They rock!  I’ll be leaning on the courage of friend Julie Kottke who beat breast cancer in 2004. May her vitality inspire those new to the battle.




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