2011 Awards

Highest Dollar Amount of Pledges AND Highest Number of Pledges:

Jessica Berg-Collman.
In four years Jessica has raised over $20,000! Way to go Jessica!!!

Best Dressed Dog Team Award:

Bonnie and Dave Lundberg, Little Mountain Siberians
Dave’s Team was the “Cowboys” and Bonnie’s was the “Aviators” (I think). No matter what they were, they were hilarious!

First Team to the Gunflint Trail

Frank Moe
(Frank almost didn’t make it at all as his truck had the drive shaft drop out ON the Gunflint on the way to the start!).

Pink Lantern:

Janine Sajdak
Janine and her 3-dog team were the final team to cross the finish line at Trail Center.

Most Outrageous Pink Outfit:

“Pink Daddy” Matt Groth

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