2011 Skijor Teams

101. Scott Dahlquist
Chisholm, MN
Fiddlin’ Irish Red and White Setters
“I raced Pro Skijor for about ten years on the NSSDC circuit. I met Susan about two years ago when she was trying to make a team out of these setters. Things kind of worked out and we now have Fiddlin’ Irish Red and White Setters. These are truly renaissance dogs competing in shows, field trials, agility and mushing events. Some are even graduates of the prestigious Mushing Boot Camp. They are green but they can go. Besides, they look good in pink. We support the cause and I love the chance to be with mushers again.”

102. Cynthia Ropers
Lake Zurich, IL
Rustic Husky Haven

I began dog sledding about 10 years ago and enjoy the sport a lot and ran a couple of spring races. I’ve also participated in the White Oak Classic and the Sweetwater Challenges. I”m running Mush for a Cure to support a worthy cause. (Cynthia is going to run the skijor course with her sled)

103. Braeden Pope
Dugald, Manitoba

Braeden is a 6th grader from Dugald, Manitoba and has handled for the White Oak twice and the Beargrease once. This is my first race and I just started running dog this year. (Editor’s note: Braden and his dog Calvin will be running with a sled on the skijor course).

104. Susan Hoppe
Chisholm, MN
Fiddlin’ Irish Red and White Setters

I’ve had Irish Red and White Setters for 10 years and usually do with them.  I moved to Minnesota, saw a dog sled, and had an “ah ha!” moment.  Surviving Mushing Boot Camp increased my interest in mushing.  I have entered one skijor race, the Puppy Love event in Ham Lake in 2009, where I finished in twice the time of the penultimate finisher.  Scott Dahlquist and I entered Mush for a Cure last year and had a great time.  I can’t skijor this year with my broken foot but am happy to support the cause with a two-dog sled team.

105. Iva Doms
Boy River, MN

Looking forward to the adventure.
Welcome Iva!

106. Donna Jankowski
Lake Villa, IL
Frozen Tundra Siberians

I have a senior team this year that just can’t do the 24 miles so when I heard that MFAC was opening up the skijor trail to teams, I signed right up. This will be my 2nd time participating. Can’t wait to get my pink on!!

107. Julie Collman
Grand Marais, MN
White Wolf Kennel

I decided to enter the skijor run as well as the mush this year and attempt to be an “Iron Musher” for more fun an excitement. I will be skijoring with the “mama” of our kennel, sweet little Kenai.

108. April Wahlstrom
Tofte, MN

Thor is our dog and we found him in the woods and an abandoned pup.   We have never raced we just know how to have fun and I love watching him work.  Today we will be racing in honor of Beth Schields who is a current cancer fighter.  Our community will know her as a volunteer coach to the Cook County Cross Country Team.  She has inspired and continues to inspire many young women.  We are also racing in honor of my Grandmother who is a 40 year survivor of cancer!  Way to go Grams!

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