2011 Sled Teams

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1. Patricia Lorandos
Brighton, MI
Patty Lorandos, aka “Yaya” and “Dani” to her Greek and Gujarati grandchildren, has been skijoring and sleeing dogs since 1992. Her canine teammate’s names are Raja, Tutti, Ghost, Johnny, Speedo, Hattie and Lurch, each of which has a song associated with it. The songs can be heard from time to time as the team makes its way down the trail. Patty’s dogs thank Jamie Nelson and Ann Stead of mushingbootcamp.com for training their driver to have some dog sense. Patty and her dogs have run in the White Oak Classic, Tahquamenon Country Sled dog Race, The Sweetwater Challenges the Jack Pine 30, the Cabin Fever Race and the Eton Rugby Festival Race.

2. Ian Mills
Esko, MN
Running a team from Dave Gordon’s kennel

Ian is a 6th grader from Esko, MN and has handled for the White Oak. Ian says he is “intent on getting rid of the DORK award this year. Ian…it’s yours to pass on buddy!

3. Mary Beth Kolb
Lake Villa, IL
Frozen Tundra Siberians

This is Mary Beth’s 3rd Mush for a Cure and the highlight of her winter season. She says: “it’s hard to believe such a great cause is so much fun. Since last year several more family and friends have been diagnosed with this horrible disease. I run to support all of them.”

4. Amanda Vogel
Ray, MN
Team Snomad

Originally from Bay City, Michigan native Amanda Vogel now lives near the border of Canada just south of International Falls, MN.  IFalls is famously known as the Ice Box of the Nation for record low temperatures and gorgeous Rainy Lake. The Snomad Racing Sled Dogs travel the US and Canada to race other teams and to enjoy the various trails, towns, and terrain.  Team Snomad’s accomplishments include numerous top 5 and top ten finishes in highly competitive, professional races.

Mary Manning and her Pink Tutu'd dogs. Photo by Bruce Johnson5. Mary Manning
Hovland, MN
Doodledog Kennel
This will be Mary’s 5th Mush for a Cure (only her and Carol King can have those bragging rights!). Mary says: “I run in honor of my younger sister, Christine, who died of breast cancer in 2006. Although I no longer compete in dog races, I enjoy seeing other teams and running with them on the trail. For me, running dogs is all about being with the dogs on the trail, and after we get started, enjoying the peace and tranquility of nature. HAPPY 5TH MFAC ANNIVERSARY MARY!!!

6. Carol King
Hinckley, MN
Frost Ridge Racing Huskies
Carol says: “I do this because it’s necessary”. She went on to write that I can make up the rest of her bio as it is much more interesting. Well, I don’t don’t know about that but Carol, along with Mary Manning are the only people that have run ALL Mush for a Cure events thus far. Carol, Mary and Mary Black ran (and Chel Ethun got pledges but couldn’t run) the inaugural event in 2007, dubbed “Slush for a Cure”  as it was warm and not much snow. Carol this event wouldn’t be the same without you! HAPPY 5TH MFAC ANNIVERSARY CAROL!!!

Melissa Bloom, 20087. Melissa Bloom
East Bethel, MN
Crash Bang Bloom Kennels
This is Melissa’s 4th year running the Mush. Melissa says: ”My first year, I was awarded the red lantern but haven’t been able to nail it down since. I run an all Siberian team which I do for recreation only. I run for the experience, not for the competition
“. Welcome back Melissa, MFAC would be much quieter without you!

8. Stoffel Reitsma
Big Lake, MN
Sumac Siberians
Stoffel runs a team of purebred Siberian Huskies and says he has enjoyed doing this with friends and raising money for a good cause. Thanks Stoffel…without you, we wouldn’t have Melissa!

9. Matt Groth
Grand Marais, MN
Oomingmak Racing
Matt races the longer mid-distance races in the Midwest and has had dogs since 2003. You can read all about Matt and his kennel at www.MattGrothRacing.com

10. Nace Hagemann
Grand Marais, MN
Running a team from Oomingmak Racing
Nace’s bio: “Good reason to wear pink and not be looked at funny”. Yep, he’s got the right MFAC attitude. Oh yea, by the way, Nace’s band, D’Merritt will be on stage Saturday night at Trail Center!

Don Deckert in his second Mush For a Cure11. Don Deckert
Albertville, MN
Tundra Star Siberians
Don says: “I have been running a small recreational kennel of purebred Siberian Huskies for 10 years. We enter a couple of recreational 15-30 mile races each winter and provide dog sled rides for Gunflint Lodge guests. I like running MFAC because it is a great way for mushers to get involved iwth the very deserving cause of breast cancer research and finding a cure.” Thanks Don! (BTW this is Don’s 4th Mush).

12. Mike Rawaillot
Woodridge, IL
“I have been mostly involved in sprint racing unilt now and have participated in races for five years at Can’t Depend on Snow, Christmas Mountain and MUSH Lost Lake. We have a lot of friends who have moved into longe distance running and have decided it’s time to join them and support the cause too!” Welcome Mike!

13. Dave Lundberg
Monticello, MN
Little Mountain Siberians
“We are back and pinker than ever. Important cause, great people”. Thanks Dave, we can’t wait to see your outfits!

14. Bonnie Lundberg
Monticello, MN
Little Mountain Siberians
Bonnie says that she and husband Dave “have been owned by Siberian Huskies since 1992 and love anything and everything about dogsledding. The “cure” is why I am here and hope/plan? To win the best-dressed dog team(s) contest for good measure.” Hmmmm, wonder what Bonz has up her sleeve this year???

15. Andy Romness
Dodge Center, MN

Andy says: “This is our 4th year mushing and we have never been to a dogsled race, we are what folks consider ‘recreational mushers’. Shelly’s grandmother is a breast cancer survivor and we will be mushing in her honor. Our Seppala Siberian Sleddogs are 12 generations from Togo, who led Leonhard Seppala’s team during the diptheria serum run relay to save the children of Nome, AK. We like to think MFAC is their way of following in their great…..grand-sire’s paw prints running with other teams in a mush for a cure for breast cancer.” Welcome to your first Mush Andy!

16. Janine Sajdak
Cudahy, WI
“For someone who has been running around in the snow with dogs for 7 years, I’m only up to three dogs. Siberians and sledding are addictive (yep, she’s right) and we’ve been winning the battle so far. This will be our third MFAC. We are glad to get the chance to run and happy to be helping a great cause.” Welcome back Janine…maybe YOU can run the little DORK off the trail this year. :-)

17. Dayna Gallagher
Hovland, MN
Irish Creek Kennels
“My husband and I own and operate Irish Creek Kennels. We mostly run just for fun but we do offer dog sled tours as well. WE got the start of our kennel from Mitch Seavey when we worked for him in Alaska and we now have 17 dogs. I care deeply about this cause andam thrilled that my dogs and I can help raise money and awareness. Happy Trails!”

Adam Treeful coming into the finish18. Adam Treeful
Grand Marais, MN
Muttley CRÜE
I’ve run dogs off and on for about nine years and been involved with the sport much longer. I now finally own a small racing kennel that’s too busy giving tours to have nay time to race but we always have time to help raise money for a good cuase and have a good time. (Editor’s note: Adam was one of the original four skijor teams in 2009 and was crowned king of the 2010 Pink Prom).

19. Jessica Berg-Collman
Grand Marais, MN
Hey, my name is Jessica Berg-Collman, and this is my 4th year running Mush For A Cure.  The last 3 years I have raised a total of $17,000.00 participating in Mush For A Cure.  Last year, I ran in honor of my log rolling coach Jenny Atkinson who was diagnosed with breast cancer, but is now proud to say that she is a breast cancer survivor!  So there is hope!!!!  See you on the trail!!  J

20. Julie Collman
Grand Marais, MN
Running a team from Moetown Kennel

My name is Julie Collman.  I will be running a team from Moetown Kennels.  Thank you Frank and Sherri Moe for letting me run a team of your precious doggies!!  I will be joining my daughter Jessica Berg-Collman on the trail. We have had family and friends who have survived and succumbed to breast cancer so we are happy to be able to “Mush” towards a cure.  I am looking forward to the chaotic sourdough start.  It is something that you won’t want to miss, so see you at the starting line on March 12th!!!  :0)

21. Christina Schriever
Fitchburg, WI
Running a team from
Matt Groth’s Kennel
Chris has been a volunteer for the Beargrease veterinary team for the past 10 years. She is the hospital manager and is a Certified Veterinary Technician for two 24 hour emergency clinics and one specialty clinic. (Whew…she’s a busy girl). Welcome to Mush for a Cure Chris!

22. Nancy Lang
Grand Marais, MN
Snowy Ridge Kennel

This will be my 3rd Mush for a Cure. Although last year was a lot of fun, I look forward to (hopefully) good snowy trail conditions. I’ll be running a team of mostly pups in honor of too many friends who have battled breast cancer. (Nancy, Mother Nature said we’re going to have plenty of snow).

23. and 24. Jen and Blake Freking
Finland, MN
Manitou Crossing Kennels

Jen and Blake Freking own Manitou Crossing Kennels and compete in long distance races including the Beargrease Marathon, Iditarod, and Yukon Quest.  They are looking forward to supporting this great event and having a great time!

25. Frank Moe
Sponsored by Stone Harbor Wilderness Supply
Grand Marais, MN
Moetown Kennels

Stone Harbor Wilderness Supply wanted to support Mush for a Cure and how better than to have a team in the run (editor’s note…they are ALSO a sponsor). Frank’s Moetown Kennels dogs have raced the Beargrease, The UP200, White Oak and other races.  

26. Dakota Scholsser
Westboro, WI
Sled Dog Systems

My name is Dakota Schlosser. I am 12 years old and in the 7th grade. I have been mushing since I was five years old. I mainly compete in sprint races, however this year we went to Bayfield and it was a blast! (OH OH, that’s how it starts!). UP to this year, I raced the 2-dog and 3-dog junior classes. This year I raced in the 4-dog class. I love dogsledding and spending time with my dogs! this is the longest distance that I have ever gone in one day with my dogs so it should be fun! Welcome Dakota!

27. Josh Schlosser
Westboro, WI
Sled Dog Systems

I am 15 years old and a sophomore in high school. WE have been running dogs for about 7 years now. I am also in Cross Country and Tack (to try to keep up with my dogs). I love spending time with my dogs all year round. I like to challenge myself so when I saw this fundraiser, I thought that it would be great to do an raise money for a good cause at the same time. My dream is to someday run in the Fur Rondy in Alaska. (We hope you can live your dream Josh!). Welcome!

28. Binner Rahn
Duluth, MN

Binner is planning on running a team and we can’t wait to have our survivor/paddler/musher on the trail!

29. Betsy Jorgenson
Grand Marais, MN
Team Mojo

I am running in Mush for a Cure for three reasons:
1. To support breast cancer research and all cancer research, my dad is currently battling throat cancer so I’m running for him.
2. To support mushing in Cook County
3. To have fun adventure with my dogs and friends
Welcome back Betsy…we are sending our as “mush” good vibes as we can muster!

30. Logan (and Dave) Mills
Duluth, MN
Running a Team from Dave Gordon’s Kennel

Logan is a 5th grader from Esko who is involved in Boy Scouts. Dave is a telephone repair man, He has run the White Oak Classic and Beargrease 150. (Logan and Dave will be riding the runners together on a tandem sled).

31. Lori Hedin
Finland, MN
Running a team from Manitou Crossing Kennel

I will be running a team of dogs from Jen and Blake Freking’s kennel. Thank you for putting on this fun race for a very good cause. I am looking forward to meeting up with lots of friends and meeting new ones.

32. Lisa Boulay
Bemidji, MN
Running a team from Moetown Kennel

I got interested in sled dogs by doing dog care and handling @ races for Frank & Sherrie Moe. They taught me most every thing I now about dogs & mushing.I adopted my girls Lola & Shasta from  their kennel.  I will run Lola & Shasta and supplement my team with dogs form Moetown Kennels. I broke my collarbone last year training for Wolftrack . My goal is to  not break any thing, have fun & bring awareness to a good cause.

33. Jay Malchow
Bemidji, MN
Spirit Wind Kennels

My Mom is a 2-time survivor of breast cancer.  I have another family member who has just been diagnosed.  We run to honor them and to help find a cure.  We have run the Mid-Minnesota, the White Oak and the WolfTrack.

34. Forrest Shepard
Woodridge, IL
Running a team from Manitou Crossing Kennel

This past December my sister died from breast cancer and this is a way I can try and help find a cure.

35. Candice Celestina-Smith
Medford, WI
Celestia Samoyed

Candice does excursions runs and this will be her first Mush for a Cure.

36. Brian Borntrager
Elk River, MN
Kaylas Kennel

Kayla and I have run some sprints but for the most part, run for the love of running.

37. Kayla Borntrager
Elk River, MN
Kayla’s Kennel

I’m Kayla Borntrager, I’m 12 years old an din 7th grade. I really wanted to do this race fro some o my friends whose mom or grandma had/had breast cancer. I’m not the most pink-loving person, so don’t expect me to be totally decked out in pink! (Editor’s note: Kayla, I wasn’t either until I started this crazy event…now that’s about ALL that’s in my closet). I never said my dogs wouldn’t (that’s more like it). My main goal here it to have a lot of fun and look totally crazy while I’m at it. Welcome Kayla!

38. Matthew Schmidt
Glenwood City, WI

This will be my first time doing Mush for a Cure.  I look forward to supporting the cause while also doing what I love.

39. Katie Chisholm
Cambridge, MN
Bad Moon Rising Kennel

I have been helping out my father-in-law, Tim Chisholm at dog races and have fallen in love with the mushing world. This will be my first time running a team an dam looking forward to supporting this great cause alongside Tim and all the other mushers and teams.

40. Tim Chisholm
North Branch, MN
Bad Moon Rising Kennel

I have raced a few races here and there. This is a great cause and any excuse I can get to get on the trail with my canine family is all I need! Plus my daughter-in-law will be running!

41. Neil Rasmussen
Grand Marais, MN

Neil has raced in the 2011 White Oak Classic, Beargrease and UP’s Midnight Run.

42. Brian Weiss
Kakabeka Falls, Ontario
Brian is our second international entrant this year! Welcome Brian!!! (BTW, click on his photo and take a look at his leaping lead dog!

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